Demo of the EurOPDX Data Portal

Patient-derived tumour xenografts (PDX) are now widely embraced by the scientific community as important preclinical tools for cancer biomarker discovery and drug development.

The EurOPDX consortium has recently received funding as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program to deliver a much needed infrastructure for access to PDX models (Project EDIReX grant no. #731105).

A core objective of the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure is the development of a reliable IT infrastructure that will allow efficient searching and sharing of data on PDX models.

The EurOPDX Data Portal in development will reuse and extend software developed for PDX Finder, a global catalogue of PDX models being developed by The Jackson Laboratory and EMBL-EBI.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to help Masaryk Univ. and EMBL-EBI in their development of the EurOPDX Data Portal! We would appreciate it if you could stop by and try out a Prototype of the EurOPDX Data Portal and let us know what you think!